We are a small, family run furniture business based in Hereford. Our specialty is kitchens, however, we also turn our hand to produce bedroom and study solutions. We are a proud bunch with a big attention to detail and are only satisfied when the products leaving the workshop are representative of that.

The Team

Simon Bolt

The boss and head of all things technical.DSC_0088








Annie Bolt









Alfie Bolt

Customer care and securityDSC_0140










It started 1979 when Simon and Annie formed Programme Products.

However, the best person to tell you all about our past is Simon:

Letter from Simon here….

A new venture…

We have recently ventured into the splitting of fire wood. Simon has always split his own as a hobby. This was only to fuel our own fires at the farm. However, when increasing numbers of visitors and friends kept expressing interest in purchasing some we saw a potential business opportunity. So we did a bit of research and decided to give it a go. Read More